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18 07 2011

I’m in my 3rd week of a new job.  I’m working two or three days a week at Ruth’s Stitchery.  I’m still quilting, but working in the store gives my neck a break and because I’m moving it doesn’t seem to cause pain.  In my never ending quest for subjects to discuss here, I thought I’d add my pick of the week.  Other than the fact that whatever I talk about will be in the store, it will have no other cononection to the store.  It will just be something that caught my eye that week.  I may or may not purchase and use it, but I will try to share with you every week.

Today’s pick — the pattern “Snap Happy” by Stitchin Sisters.

This was the reason for the hunt through my stash that I discussed yesterday.  And yes, there was enough fabric left from my last project to make these.  I chose to leave the loop handle off the bags.

So why do these little bags appeal to me?  Allow my reluctant model Jesse to demonstrate.

When released, the opening of the bag snaps shut.  This is thanks to pieces of  tape measure in the top.  I purchased my measuring tape from the Dollar Store and it is more flimsy than the good Stanley tapes we have.  The next time I make these bags, I’m going to try using two layers of the inexpensive tape measure in the closure.  I think the “snap” will be stronger.  These were a really quick, fun project.



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18 07 2011
Barbara J. Greene (BJ)

Thanks for the last couple posts. I use my fabric turners all the time, like you I’ve had mine for a long, long, time. I love things that make my life easier when it comes to sewing,. My Dad always said you need the right tool for any job you are working on and I’ve always been amazed how true this is, I really haven’t bought anything that I do not use. Thanks also for the pattern hint this looks like a winner.

19 07 2011

I have been wanting to make these snappy projects, but had not wanted to cannibalize a perfectly good tape measure since I have to hide mine from my boys as it is! Good idea to try doubling up the cheaper models.

I too was interested in the fabric turners. Those may end up in my next online shopping spree.


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