Vintage Friday – LeMoyne Star

15 07 2011

I believe today’s vintage treasures were made by Guy’s great-grandmother (Sandra jump in here, if that is incorrect.

All of the show-and-tell today are LeMoyne Stars (aka 8-pointed stars).  First is a group of 29 hand pieced blocks.  I didn’t include duplicates in the picture.

Then there are three LeMoyne Star  quilt tops.  The blocks  in the first two are all hand pieced and the sashing was added by machine.  The first is predominately blue.

(I was lazy and didn’t press these before taking the photos.  They will be going back into storage when I’m finished here.)

The second is predominately pink.

And finally my favorite which is more complicated.  The whole top is hand pieced, but the border was added by machine.  It is more difficult to see the stars, but they are there.


I do intend to turn these into finished quilts at some point.  But until I start sewing on them, they aren’t my UFOs!




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15 07 2011

Try great great grandmother. And the green top is my favorite too.

15 07 2011
Vicki W

What treasures!

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