Vintage Friday — Jones Family C.S. Handcrank Sewing Machin

8 07 2011

Today I’m showing you another of my sewing machines.  I found this one in a California antique store on my birthday several years ago.  It is my only hand crank sewing machine.  This was basically the way to make a treadle machine portable.  I believe it could be removed from its coffin top base and placed into a treadle stand.

Let’s start first with the coffin top case (what an awful name but it does indeed resemble a coffin).

Inside is this machine.

The machine was made in Great Britain.   I thought I found, based on its serial number it was made around 1912.  However, recent research on the web suggests it could be more like 1914.

Like the last machine I showed, this one uses a shuttle.  In fact that is what the “C.S.” refers to — cylindrical shuttle.

On the right of the base there is a compartment with a sliding lid and inside are multiple attachments for the machine.

The machine works great.  I took it to school when the boys were in Kindergarten, and the kids loved it.  I think I turned the crank while the ran fabric under the presser foot. 

Brother eventually bought out the Jones sewing machine company.




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8 07 2011
Kathy E.

How absolutely WONDERFUL!! I love looking at these old machines, but I don’t have any… only a couple of modern machines and 1 seldom-used serger. Really neat post, Sonya!

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