Calico Cat in a Meteor Shower

3 07 2011

Choosing fabric from my stash for this block, I settled on a sky fabric that resembles a meteor shower.  I was reminded of a first hand account I once read of the 1833 Meteor shower.  It talks of it being almost as bright as day at 3am in the eastern United States.   This is a small  portion of the account written by Samuel Rogers –“Some of the meteors were so bright that they were visible for some time after day had fairly dawned. Imagine large snowflakes drifting over your head, so near you that you can distinguish them, one from the other, and yet so thick in the air as to almost obscure the sky; then imagine each snowflake to be a meteor, leaving behind it a tail like a little comet; these meteors of all sizes, from that of a drop of water to that of a great star, having the size of the full moon in appearance: and you may then have some faint idea of this wonderful scene.”

Having been in heavy snow storms, it is fascinating to imagine meteors that dense.  In 1833 the meteor showers inspired terror rather than fascination.  My cat doesn’t seem to be concerned by what’s happening in the sky.

This is block 9 in this series (I was mistaken in last week’s post — in a hurry to finish?).



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