Vintage Friday — Dot Snappers Kit

1 07 2011

My mother-in-law regularly goes through things stored at her house and gets rid of what she isn’t using.  She had some boxes of sewing related items that had been her mother’s and I was the lucky recipient of those boxes on their various trips out.  In the bottom of one box, I found this box.

It is a pretty interesting box, but it didn’t contain bath soap.  I opened it to find another box.

A Dritz Dot Snappers kit. The copyright on the paperwork is 1946 so it is from sometime after that.  The side of the box even has a real grommet to show the size for the tool.  Vintage packaging is way more interesting than what we have now.

According to the brochure in the box this is what the kit should contain.

My kit has been modified — it contains all that and then some.

There’s a big hunk of steel and what appears to be almost a spike.  Guy’s grandfather worked as a machinist so it would make sense that he had access to steel.

The directions for use are a little worse for wear, but still readable.

The modern tool to do the same job —

Did you notice the price on the Dot Snappers Kit was $1?  I had the original packaging stored with my grommet pliers and it was marked $9.98.  When I checked online today for the current price– $22.99!  Apparently my pliers are approaching vintage.




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2 07 2011

How cool! My mom had one just like it, but it’s gone now. I inherited some of her sewing things, but not that. It was easier on your hands than the pliers kind.

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