Eternal Student

28 06 2011

I love learning new things.  If money were no object, I could happily stay in college as long as there were classes that looked interesting.  Since money does get in the way, I satisfy that thirst in other ways.  For quite some time the idea of knitting socks has appealed to me, but those extra needles looked confusing. 

One of the ladies I quilt for has a knitting session once a month at Ruth’s Stitchery and when I expressed an interest in socks she gave me a basic pattern and invited me to come the next week.  I promptly went and got the correct needles and using her directions, sat down to try out knitting in the round.  I think the most difficult part of knitting in the round is knitting the first row while keeping all the cast on stitches straight.  In practice, it was way easier than it appeared.  This all started on Friday and by Wednesday when Mimi was available to help, I had the cuff finished and was ready to start on the heel.  Once she explained the directions, it was way easier than I anticipated and I had a heel when I left the store.  It ended up taking about a week per sock and might have been faster if I hadn’t been babying my neck.

Interestingly enough each sock took about one skein of yarn and while the yarn was the same color, the skeins had varying amounts of those colors so each sock looks much different from its mate.  No big deal since they will be covered by shoes and pants

Are they perfect?  Not even close, but they will be very comfortable next fall/winter.

The moral — in the quest to learn new things keep The Little Engine That Could in mind.  Soon “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,” turns into “I thought I could,” and then “I did!”



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28 06 2011
Kathy E.

I totally understand… I also would be a perpetual student if it were possible. I LOVE to learn new things!

Be careful… sock knitting is ADICTIVE!! I have been knitting socks for about 1 1/2 years now and have about 12 pair in my sock drawer. I have a goal to knit one pair each month of this year, and I just finished up the pair for JULY, so I am ahead of the game. I LOVE the warmth of the wool socks in winter. My feet stay cold all the time, and wool socks are so much better than the cotton ones I had been wearing.

Are you using double-pointed needles, or the “magic circle” method, or 2 circular needles at a time. I work on one sock at a time (tried the 2-at-a-time thing but it was a tangled mess) but I use 2 -24″ circular needles. I LOVE sock knitting!!

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