More Autumn Joy

25 06 2011

I was going great guns on the Autumn Joy applique blocks when my neck “went” in January.  In fact a couple of these blocks were finished before that, but it hurt to use the computer.  These are the blocks finished to date — I’m pretty sure it is through month 9.  Out of all these blocks the only fabric I bought specifically for them was the black sky on the house block.  The rest was already in my collection, which may be a sad commentary on how much fabric I own 😮

I decided to add green apples to my basket rather than all red.  Believe it or not, the brightest green apple was even more fluorescent when I first finished doing the applique.  I almost always refuse to rip out applique once it is done.  So to tone down the apple I used Tsukineko inks and shaded the apple.  It  still draws the eye, but maybe it won’t blind anyone.

I consider the next two blocks filler, and one of them is my least favorite in the whole project.

Then we have the brick house.

I’m very pleased with the field of sunflowers, but it looks like I need to do a better pressing job on the sky.

I’ve started the next block, so I “could” conceivably finish it by Autumn .   .     .    .    . 2012?




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26 06 2011

Very nice. I love the green apples! I think they added a great touch. Gina

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