15 12 2010

Four more days of school until Christmas Break.  The boys are feeling a little apprehensive because this is the fist time they officially have final exams in every class.  I’m not worried, they do extremely well on regular tests, and I’m sure they will do fine.  Because finals start on Friday this is “dead week” and they have very little homework.  However, Jesse had one last project due tomorrow for Geography.  Project — do I hear other parents groaning?  That really isn’t fair, most of the time they take care of their projects with little or no help.  But this one involved cooking so of course I got to be involved.  Each student chose a country and had the opportunity to make food from that location.  (I’m convinced all these cooking assignments are a way for the teachers to get free meals.)   Jesse earned  first choice of countries because he was able to answer the question, “What is the capital of Belarus?”  Thankfully he chose Italy.  I can work with that!

I make no guarantees on the authenticity of our food since I’ve never been to Italy, but we made homemade pasta and homemade marinara sauce.  This is the recipe we used for the pasta.  We didn’t have to roll it out by hand since I pulled a pasta machine from the recesses of my cupboards (I used it once before many years ago.)

No official pasta drying rack in the house (according to some research a broom stick between two chairs will work).  We improvised — how about a clothes drying rack?

The marinara sauce was pretty simple — olive oil, lots of garlic, tomatoes, basil, oregano, salt and pepper.  I’m not sure how he is going to heat everything at school, but we finished the assignment.  Jesse said it was more fun than he expected (he would much prefer an assignment from a book rather than a project).  Maybe we’ll use that pasta machine again in the near future — I’m on the hunt for a good gluten-free pasta recipe.

Oh, incase you didn’t know, the capital of Belarus is Minsk.




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17 12 2010

We used to do that – in homeschool, lol! It was great fun. I have a friend who learned to make her pasta from her Italian mother-in-law – totally authentic – delicious!

31 12 2010

We use our clothes drying rack all the time for drying pasta, tie dye, winter mittens and even laundry on occasion. I think some project homework tends to be more mom homework than kid homework on occasion.

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