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13 12 2010

Dreams Jar.  Still no snow outside, but in my jar is a different story.

I showed you our biscuit tin “end table” awhile back.  But I didn’t show you the lamp I put together for it, because it wasn’t finished.  I purchased a vintage 2 quart canning jar for the lamp base and purchased the light adapter kit from here.  For now the shade is just one I picked up at Walmart.  The light was cute enough, but the whole point of a jar for a base was to put something in it.  The plan is to change it out from time to time.  The first filler is a moose.  You read that right.  I purchased a pattern called Chocolate Shake 6 or 7 years ago and it has been waiting for me in my pattern files.  The pattern is by Threads that Bind and I’m reasonably sure this is the same company, but the pattern isn’t there.   He was a little fussy, but I think it was worth it!

The pattern was for the moose in a 1 quart jar — not a lamp or a 2 quart jar.  I didn’t glue him into the jar as the pattern instructed, because I want to be able to change things out.  However, as much trouble as he was to get into the jar, it might be worth the dollars to buy a second jar.

A couple close-ups of the moose.

The pattern called for a 1″ nest and I could not find one even with miniatures!  So I soaked a small grapevine wreath.  Ripped it apart and wound up my little nest.  It is a little bigger than 1″, but better than anything else I could find.




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14 12 2010

That is amazing – love it!

14 12 2010
Kathy E.

SOOOO cute!!

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