Going to a Party

30 11 2010

****A quick note for my local friends who don’t read this through a reader.  I’ve added several posts today and back dated them as far as Oct. 13, just to drive my sister crazy. 😀  Actually, I back date so the things show up on the actual finish date so I can look back in the future and dates will be correct.  Driving my sister crazy is just an added benefit.****

I’m planning to attend an ornament and decoration exchange this coming Sunday.  If I have the time I like to make my own exchange gift and I just finished it last night.  (For me that is PRE planning!)  It is from a pattern by Raggedy Pants called Is It Time Yet?

And the back view.

I can give it up because I have another about half-finished.  Anybody want to come with me to the party?



One response

30 11 2010

That is too darling – glad you have another in the works, I’d find it very hard to give up!

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