Law Enforcement Tree

27 11 2010

I put up the majority of our Christmas decorations yesterday.  This is the first year I’ve ever purposely done a theme tree.  (I’m more of an eclectic kind of gal.)  Guy and I saw a bristle tree used for display in an antique mall last year.  I found one on eBay, but it didn’t get here until after Christmas.  Guy has been picking up police ornaments (haven’t managed to find any Sheriff Deputy ornaments) when he sees them and this year he got his own tree.  We went to Hobby Lobby tonight and picked up a few things to fill it out.  A few more ornaments and some red, white and blue jingle bells.

Did you notice the badge wired to the top?  It moved from the scarecrow wall hanging to here.  Next year I might let Guy wear his anniversary badge.  😀




One response

30 11 2010

That’s an awesome tree!

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