Still Got It

17 09 2010

My Grandma Minnie taught me to crochet when I was in third grade.  Even then I was an over achiever.  The first project I started was a red, white and blue granny square afghan.  Notice I said started.  I never finished it.  My tension changed a great deal over time and the first squares were much smaller than later ones. 

When my grandma died in 1981 I inherited most of her sewing stuff as well as her knitting and crocheting tools and patterns.  The crochet hooks are still in the box she used.

(Anyone remember those Ayd’s weight reduction candies?  As a kid with an extreme sweet tooth, I didn’t care that they were intended for weight reduction, if I found them I scarfed them down like carmels!)  There are some old hooks in there that are either bone or ivory.

Anyway, it has been several years (15 or 16) since I’ve done any crocheting.  So what brought on this sudden urge to crochet?  It was actually Guy’s doing.  He suggested we needed a doily for the top of an antique mall find.  Wednesday I stopped in at Hobby Lobby used my 40% off coupon to buy Ultimate Pineapples for Your Home and some crochet thread.  Then I got to work.  This afternoon while sitting at the orthodontist I finished my project.

Yep, I’ve still got it!  Here it is in the place for which it was made.  We’re using the biscuit can as an end table.




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25 09 2010

I’ll say you still got it, that is just gorgeous!!! I crochet too but only with yarn, my hands don’t like using the thread. Good job!

28 11 2010

I have that book somewhere and have made many a crochet doiley over the years The Pineapple is a beautiful design and always looks fresh

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