Things I Learned …

5 09 2010

. . . while quilting “Warm Wishes”.

In a continued push on my own quilts, I decided to try out the Quilt Eze Baptist Fan templates I purchased two years ago at MQS.  The quilt is Warm Wishes from Quiltmaker  (follow the link for the pattern — now free).

The first thing I learned is that installing the stylus bracket as directed by Quilt Eze on my A-1 resulted in a stylus that was at a significant angle, not even close to 90 degrees.  My solution, install the bracket upside down.

The next thing I learned is that while the panels hook together the grooves do not match up perfectly.  I found it necessary to lift the stylus over the join at each connection.

The third thing I learned is that it is impossible to line the rows up exactly with a ratchet system on a longarm.  I ended up with either a slight gap or overlap no matter how carefully I adjusted the rollers.  I prefer the slight gap.

I’ve done Baptist Fan quilting using other methods.  A system for making arcs and circles came with my Gammill almost 11 years ago.  The first times I used it there was only one slider, and it had to be adjusted for each arc on the fan.  My dad kindly made more sliders for me so I could set up the whole fan at one time.

Those of you with newer Gammills probably won’t recognize this system.  Even with the modifications it could still take days to quilt fans on  a large quilt.

The most significant thing I learned on this quilt is even with all the minor issues with the Quilt Eze system it was still many times faster than any other method I’ve tried.  Is it perfect?  No.  But if you used the “ride by on a horse at 30 miles and hour” rule the quilt looks good.  In fact, I think just climbing up on the horse would get you far enough away to make the inconsistencies acceptable.  I will offer this to customers with the understanding it will not be perfect, but it will be significantly less expensive than what I’ve charged with other systems.

Best of all — I get to mark a UFO off my list 🙂



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