20 08 2010

A friend, who shall remain nameless, accused me of having a sick sense of humor!  What brought on this heinous accusation, you may ask?  I was simply working on stitching together the blocks I showed in my quilt escape post at the beginning of July.  How, could someone malign me over something so simple?

The quilt is from the book “Time to Quilt,” which I purchased in 2003.  I spent some time collecting  homespun fabric, and finally started working on the quilt, because I hoped there was enough leftover for a different project.  I spent a day and a half stitching blocks at the quilt retreat, and then finished stitching them in short bursts, when I needed a break from client quilts.  So lets take a look at this quilt.

Just a nice homespun quilt — which by the way even with all that stretchy fabric the center came out to exactly the size specified in the book.  But wait, did you notice the applique in the center?

Oh no, the fox got one of the chickens!  I would like to point out to my friend this is no more “sick” than people eating the poor things.     

Did you see the worried look on the face of the remaining chicken?

While she should probably be concerned about Mr. Fox coming back for seconds, she doesn’t have to worry about me!  I haven’t eating any of her relatives in about 35 years.  Twisted sense of humor or not, this quilt makes me smile. 🙂



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20 08 2010

What a great quilt – I think it’s a hoot! Love it! I’ll think of this next time I have a chicken dinner, lol….

21 08 2010
Gina P.

Love it. Simple way to show a funny joke. Very creative!

22 09 2010

Lovely way to use tartan fabrics as a background just love it

30 11 2010

Makes me smile too. Love humor.

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