19 08 2010

I don’t watch much TV.  We don’t get reception at our house and we cancelled cable several years ago.  (Perhaps that is one of the reasons many people think I get a lot done.)  The only way I see TV shows is either on Hulu or checking out a show from the library.  At one point I believe I saw a Monk episode and heard the term “SIU.”  What does it mean?  Suck it Up!

My husband reads my blog and since the last post he has been giving me a hard time about avoiding my job.  He pointed out that he can’t avoid projects at the office.  So I Sucked It Up and finished that quilt today.

It is an older Pine Needles called “Seasons in Time” and was made by Sharon.

While my boys have heard it many times, I now have to tell myself SIU.




One response

19 08 2010

Ah one of my favorite phrases – my cousin found some candy called Suck Up, now she gives it out when she tells people to SIU!
That quilt is just gorgeous!!!!!

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