Avoidance Mechanism?

17 08 2010

I have a Pine Needles quilt loaded on the machine.  If you’ve been following what I write, you are aware Pine Needles are my least favorite quilts on which to work.  (And that is putting it mildly!)  I did a search for the phrase “Avoidance Mechanism” and ended up at changingminds.org.  On that site are listed 16 avoidance mechanisms.  Today, these three are my favorites —

  • Avoidance: mentally or physically avoiding something that causes distress.
  • Denial: refusing to acknowledge that an event has occurred.
  • Displacement: shifting of intended action to a safer target.
  • While I did spend a fair amount of time on that quilt, I  also employed the above behaviors.  I physically avoided the job by working on something that seemed more fun.  Throw a little denial in there, “I’m just taking a few minutes break and finally displacement, “How about I quilt something else!”  I’ll eventually show you the displacement project, but for today this was the avoidance projects.

    You saw this first when I was cutting out the blocks at a quilt retreat.  Then you saw it again in the tutorial for the Curve Master foot.  I’ve been puttering away on it, stitching a few blocks or a row when I wanted to avoid something else (we could call it taking a break).  Today I finished the top.  The pattern is Friends and Flowers by Elisa’s Backporch Designs.  I honestly didn’t use the pattern other than to see how many blocks I needed and to look at the picture for layout.  The quilt is made from two charm packs that were from the fabric line Friends and Flowers by Mary Englebreit.  It is the same fabric as was used on the pattern, which is what caught my eye in the first place.  Of course, I didn’t see the pattern until well after the fabric came out.  I persevered and found the charm packs online, then they sat for about a year so they were aged appropriately.  Here today we have a finished quilt top, thanks to avoidance mechanisms.




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    17 08 2010

    What a lovely way to avoid something! This is beautiful. I loved your video for the Curve Master.

    17 08 2010
    Kathy E.

    LOVE the look of that quilt! Nice fabric and pattern, both.


    18 08 2010

    LOL!! i am doing the ‘A M’ thing with two piles of papers that i’ve needed to organize, file, mostly throw-away by now i’m sure. i started…and then went into displacement mode…had to check FB. btw that is a fascinating pattern i studied it for some time another displacement strategy i’m sure!!!

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