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16 08 2010

Our phone number is changing because we have decided to give Magic Jack a try rather than have a monthly phone bill.  This means I need new business cards.  I bought 1000 cards about ten years ago and still have more than half a box remaining.  I don’t need a large quantity of cards at once, just a few at a time will suffice. 

I decided to put some of my scrapbooking tools to work.  (They have been lonely, I haven’t taken the time to scrapbook for a few years.)  I had pieces of cardstock that were about 5-1/2 x 4-1/4 that came from a printer friend as scrap.  I put together the text for the card in Word and set the paper size to my scrap.  I could print two cards per piece of paper.  I could have just cut them out with the paper cutter, but instead I used the Sizzix tag die cut and cut out each card.  Then I used the Fiskar’s Shape Boss to emboss on the end of each card.  Finally, I have rolls of ribbon from old projects that have been around longer than my children so I made loops for the tags from the ribbon. 

Voila — unique handmade business cards.  I made 40 and can always do more.  You will have to imagine the data since I erased much of it in Photoshop for this post.




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19 08 2010
Sue Fors!

Awesome business cards! Very original.

19 08 2010

I love that idea. Great job!

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