Stitching Curved Seams (using the Curve Master)

26 07 2010

I’ve been a quilting fiend, working on customer quilts.  (Registration for school is next week and I’m stashing all the money I can before school starts.)  Maintaining such a high level of focus can become draining and  occasionally I take a short break and sit down at my domestic machine.  In an earlier post I showed the Drunkard’s Path blocks I cut out during my quilt escape.  I’ve started stitching them together.

I have had the Curve Master foot for at least two years and it was still in the package.  I got it out and read the tiny print on the back of the package to see how it worked.  I had a distinct lack of success from reading the directions.  So the first twelve blocks I stitched I used the method in which one divides the two pieces in half, pins the middles and both ends.  It was working, but was time-consuming.  At midnight I hijacked the boys computer and pulled up the video from the Curve Master website.  The next morning I tried the foot again and this time success was mine!  So for your viewing pleasure here is the process.

First, this is how the foot looks.

Start with the cut pieces — I used templates to cut these — I’m excited to see Accuquilt is releasing a 3-1/2 Drunkard’s Path die for the Accuquilt Go.  So maybe next time I’ll cut with the die cut machine.

Line the top edge up in this manner.

Here is a video showing the stitching process.  Pardon my big fat hand in the way at the end.

Finally here is a block hot off the machine — it hasn’t even been pressed.

Notice how the edges line up perfectly and there aren’t any puckers or tucks.  I’ve seen Sandy Chandler demonstrate her foot at shows and I’m not nearly as fast.  However, I can stitch the blocks in considerably less time using this foot than when I was using the pinning method.




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27 07 2010

thanks for this post…I’m a beginning quilter and had never heard of this great product!! I really thought that it would be a cold day in you-know-where before I’d be able to tackle curved seams & I felt sorta bad. I looks like with this attachment I’ll be able to go ahead & try!! Gotta get me one of them!!!

27 07 2010
Vicki W

I remember seeing this demonstrated at one of the quilt shows and the person doing the demo couldn’t get it to work!

27 07 2010

I don’t believe this. I pulled out my Curve Master for the first time this weekend, I’ve had it for a few years. I’m doing the same pattern, lol! Matter of fact, I couldn’t remember the demo she gave me very well, so I went looking for a video on YouTube and found hers AND yours, lol!!!!!!! My first block didn’t come out so good, but that was before watching the videos. I’m going to try again tomorrow – thanks for doing the video!

31 10 2010

thank you so much for this tutorial, I was lost trying to start my block with drunk card.
I love your blog! have a nice week!

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