Quilt Escape

8 07 2010

I just came home from spending two days quilting in a beautiful mountain location.  Andrea is a member of the mini quilt group to which I belong, and several times over the last few years she has invited the group up to her home for a mini retreat.  I’ve gone up for the day before, but this was the first time the stars apparently aligned and I was able to spend the night.

Bright and early yesterday morning we were greeted by this site when we pulled up at the end of her loooooong driveway.

Did you notice the little creatures that were there zooming around our heads?

I think there were close to a dozen hummingbirds zipping about.  They almost drained both feeders by 8 o’clock last night.

We had a delicious brunch (I came home with several new recipes) and then settled down to sew for the afternoon.  We took a trip to Cripple Creek for dinner.  I’m not often in casinos and I’ve certainly never been in one when none of the games were working.  There was a power outage just before we arrived and all the games had to be shut down and restarted.  The restaurant wouldn’t let us in.  When the power went out the hoods stopped working and the place filled with smoke.  They told us it would be a few minutes while they aired out and replenished the salad bar.  We went back about 15 minutes later and they still wouldn’t let us in, because at that point they had no water!  We gave up and went somewhere else.

Back at Andrea’s I returned to sewing while everyone else just relaxed.  Near 11 pm everyone headed to bed, but I had just a little more to go to finish cutting out some blocks.

This was my room for the evening.

There is a running joke in the group that I don’t sleep.  (I do sleep, approximately 8 hours each night.)  This morning they were convinced they had proof I didn’t sleep.  I was still cutting fabric when they went to bed last night.  This morning when Ann got up I was already sewing again.  I had made the bed and she swore I never used it.   I should have accomplished way more if I stayed up all night.

There are breath taking views from Andrea’s house and this was from the back deck this morning.

There is a saying here in Colorado.  “If you don’t like the weather, just wait awhile.”  Notice the almost clear skies this morning.  When we packed up at about 1:30 it was just starting to rain.  On the drive down the mountain we got hit with heavy rain and hail!  As I write, the skies are clearing again.

It was a quilt retreat, so what did I accomplish.  I have 38 blocks at this stage.  (It should have been 40, but I inadvertantly left a few pieces at home.  I still need to put a second round of strips on them.

This is the first time I’ve used homespuns so heavily.  I have been collecting them for one other quilt, and I think that once I make it, I will be finished working with that fabric.  It just isn’t my favorite — it isn’t stable enough to approach perfection in piecing.  Perhaps if I starched or sized heavily — nah, too much work.

I also cut out all the pieces for 144 drunkard’s path blocks.

That in addition to hanging out with good friends and eating yummy food is what I accomplished in the last two days.  Now it is back to the real world.

Thank you Andrea!




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10 07 2010

What a beautiful place! Looks so peaceful and relaxing. I don’t like working with homespuns – too loose a weave – but I love the way they look.

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