Perhaps Some Things were NOT Meant to Be

4 07 2010

I stumbled across this video yesterday and it is possible I have just been out of the loop, but I have never seen it or heard the artist before.

It tickled my funny bone.  Perhaps because I’ve been working on two vintage quilts over the last week and a half.  Before I get to those, the musician is Cathy Miller and she has four CDs of songs dealing with quilting subjects.  In addition to the CDs being available on her website, the songs are also available for download from iTunes and Amazon.  I did purchase “You Can Quilt That Out”  showcased in the above video, plus I  downloaded “12 Step Plan for Quilters,” “Shop Hopping,” “When I Die,” and “Why Don’t You Have Plain White?”  These are humorous songs, but she has other more touching songs as well.

On to the vintage quilts.  I just finished the second one early this afternoon.  They both had challenges and I’ve quilted tucks into both.  That extra fullness has to go somewhere!

 Detail shot of the above quilt


Detail shot of the above quilt.

Many people consider unfinished quilt tops a treasure and they should.  They are a little piece of history.  However, I just want to say, there maybe a reason some of these tops were never quilted by their makers besides the excuse of  not getting to them.

I’m actually pleased with  the way these two turned out, but please don’t take your treasure to your quilter and expect them to quilt the problems out!




3 responses

4 07 2010
Vicki W

I think you made them both look spectacular!

4 07 2010

Oh that’s funny. I think if my quilt turned out too wonky, I’d do it by hand – easier to “quilt that out”, lol!!!!! Those vintage quilts are lovely.

6 07 2010

Wow – those are both amazing. The quilting really adds to the texture of those quilts!

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