My 2010 Graduate

24 05 2010

Tonight Jesse graduated from the 8th grade.  The plan was to have dinner and graduation outside, but the wind had been blowing about 30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph so everything moved indoors.  Once everything was moved in, the wind died down to a more acceptable level.  Oh well, he got his diploma anyway.

Here he is with his teacher getting that milestone piece of paper.

He did very well academically this year.  I haven’t seen the final report card, but I’m pretty sure it has straight A’s for the year.

Jesse is a Smart or Wise … (fill in the blank).  After he got his diploma he asked, “How many times do I have to go through this?”  We started naming off graduations and told him 3 or 4 times.  His response, “Well, I already did it one other time for kindergarten, but I got stickers then.”  Mrs. Miller was quick to grant his wish and gave him a sticker.

Then it was off to cut the cake.  But first a photo-op with the two graduates.

Jesse and Michele played the Cratchits in the Christmas play and Michele has given Jesse a hard time ever since.  She calls him her husband and darling regularly.  Jesse’s typical response is “Bleck!”  She tried to get a more cozy picture with him and this is the result.

I mentioned Jesse was a Smart A** and I found the perfect card.  I couldn’t pass it up even though I don’t usually run around calling people that name.  The gift will late until later, but here he is with the card.  — Notice the sticker is still on his hand.

The 7th -9th graders are spending the night at Mrs. Miller’s.  She is a brave woman.  There is junk food galore and I doubt my boys will get much sleep, but they will have fun and I will sleep.

I’m proud of you Jesse — keep up the good work.




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25 05 2010

Congratulations Jesse!!! I’m really coveting Michele’s shoes – those are GREAT!

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