Graduation Prep

24 05 2010

I’ve been sadly remiss in posting the last two months.  Suffice it to say, life has been hectic.

Jesse graduates from 8th grade today and I spent a little creative time yesterday preparing for that.  My cake decorating in recent years has gotten extremely simple.  So this time just an easy sheet cake for the two graduates.

I found the idea for the mortar boards at Bakerella and made up a whole Reese’s miniature bag worth.  I was cheap and in a hurry so didn’t hunt down the Godiva chocolates, instead I cut up Hershey bars.  The Godiva would have looked more professional, but hey they are just going to get eaten by a bunch of kids.

It is almost 7am and I need to take off to help drive 7-9th graders around and do what I can to help set up for graduation.  With school letting out tomorrow, I expect to be making my presence known here more often.




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24 05 2010
Kathy E.

The mortar boards are soooo cute! I know the kids will really enjoy them. And it is good to see you back in Blogville… looking forward to your summer posts.


24 05 2010
Sarah Stevens

Those are really cool! It is a good thing I did not see them before today since my son graduated this past week end from high school and his party is all done – I would not have had time to play around with these. BUT… just so I know, what are the tassels? Strips of fruit roll-ups? Would those work?

24 05 2010

That all looks so yummy – good to see you posting again!

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