Spring Break — Where?

17 03 2010

School is out this week for Spring Break, but you’ve heard some of the expressions like “No rest for the wicked,” or “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.”  It is a toss-up either I’m wicked or I’m not giving the devil any time to cause mischief.  I’ve been putting in long hours on a customer quilt that has been sitting here since school started.  I finally felt guilty enough to commit huge amounts of time to it.

I finished it late this evening.  The pattern is Vintage Moments by Marsha McCloskey.  This particular quilt was almost completely hand pieced by Susan Bryan.

I think I will be taking customer quilts again when school gets out.  I intend to severely limit the number of custom quilts per year.  After working on this quilt I have determined I need to have a price increase before I get back up to full speed.




3 responses

24 03 2010

Oh Sonya you did a fabulous job on this – it’s gorgeous!

10 04 2010
Raylene smith

beautiful work…quilts like this are worthy of the time spent.. even tho it means not making what you should on them…bet your client was over the moon…

21 04 2010

Sonya, I hope you didn’t feel too guilty, I certainly was not in a hurry. And I can tell you it was definately worth the waiting! Absolutely beautiful work!!! You take a great quilt and make it something special everytime! Thanks again.

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