One Thing Leads to Another

19 02 2010

I’m loving the hardwood floors, but my feet are cold.  I haven’t knit in several years, but the cold feet inspired me to get out the knitting needles and a pattern I inherited from my grandmother.  This book is copyrighted 1965 about one year younger than me.  Notice it is even a store sample book — I wonder how that happened, maybe on clearance?

I remember my grandma making these for my sister and me.  I whipped out a pair and my feet are finally warm.

The pattern had pom poms on the top, but I’m not really a frou frou kind of girl so I left them off.

 I thought about posting the pattern, but I’m not willing to take a chance with violating a copyright even a 45 year old one.  That said, I did find the pattern online — so apparently I’m willing to let someone else take the chance.  You can find it here.

Knitting provided time for me to remember, and it brought back memories of my Grandma Minne.  She taught me how to knit and crochet.  In addition, as far back as I can remember her sewing machine sat on the kitchen table during the week.  The only time I don’t remember it being there was on Sabbath.  I didn’t even know there was a case for it.  I don’t remember her teaching me to sew, but I do remember wearing lots of clothes she made.  She was 65 years old when she died and I was 17.  A month or two before she died she gave me her sewing machine and I also inherited all her sewing  and knitting supplies

This is the sewing machine.

It is close to my age and I’m guessing it was a top of the line machine at the time.  I don’t use it much anymore, but I have no intention of ever parting with it.  Not only does it bring back memories of my grandma, but I made my wedding dress, my sister’s wedding dress, the dresses for both wedding parties, my high school graduation dress and loads of clothes for college on it.  It has seen a lot of fabric.

So as I said one thing leads to another, especially when traveling down memory lane.




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19 02 2010
Kathy E.

The knitting bug is really biting a bunch of us… I am almost half-way done with my second pair of socks… loving it!!

I love your memories you shared!!

19 02 2010

Cool slippers – my mom used to make those all the time! That machine is to die for, girl – take good care of it – they do still service those, you know! Every Viking was meant to last a lifetime. It is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

20 02 2010

Sonya what did you use to color your block “Under The Sea”?
Anxious to try the slipper pattern. Love reading your blog and thanks for the memories I have my first machine a Singer that I bought in 1961. It still makes the best button holes of all my machines.

5 03 2010

I have this book! I was in high school and started knitting. It is the best knit book ever. After looking at your slippers, I want to make a new pair.
Glad your feet have warmed up.

4 05 2010

I love your grandmother’s sewing machine! It’s a beauty! How wonderful that you inherited all her crafty stuff and can use it and remember her.

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