I Have a Chauffeur!

17 02 2010

He has had his permit for about a week and here is Nolan driving us home from school.

He wasn’t in a hurry to get his permit and crazy as it sounds I was putting pressure on for him to take the test and get driving.  I have my reasons.  So 4 months from his 16th birthday he finally took the test.  He is doing pretty well.  The trip home from school takes him about 25 minutes (Mom is more of a lead foot) with a fair amount of traffic.  I did figure out all but two turns on the route home are right turns before I offered to let him take the wheel.  We’ve only had one exciting incident so far.  When he is really comfortable, I can sew or embroider while he drives. 🙂




One response

19 02 2010

My oldest has started driving too – and it TERRIFIES me. But I’m getting better about handing him the keys, even at night. I still need to take him out on the ice, but I’m in NO hurry!

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