Spirit Week Day 1

9 02 2010

Yesterday kicked off Spirit Week at school with Favorite Book day.  I reminded the boys Sunday night, but did they plan anything?  Oh, no.  Apparently, they take after their mamma and are last minute boys.  At breakfast I was throwing out ideas to Jesse, and he finally decided his math book was his favorite book.  So I wrote math problems all over his shirt with a wash out marker.

When I spotted Nolan he had already taken care of his outfit.  The book he dressed as was The Geeks Guide to World Domination.  He pointed out he was actually dressed more as a nerd than a geek.  Sorry, the difference is lost on me.  Here is a picture of the two of them at school.

Nolan really hammed it up and he took first prize for the day.

I don’t have to be at school until 11am.  I was also last minute, but one of the ideas I threw out for Jesse sparked a plan.  As soon as they left for school I ran down to the basement and about 40 minutes later I had this.

Yep, I went as a cook book.  Apron, towel over the waistband, cooking utensils hanging off the apron, neckerchief and chef’s hat.  No, cook books are not my favorite books, but it was an easy thing to dress up as and people got it.

Today is candy day.  Again they were last minute.  Nolan is a Hershey Kiss with a tinfoil kiss shaped hat, and Jesse is a Milky Way.  He is wearing all black and I punched circles with a hole punch from stickers and covered him with them.  I will be going as the Jolly Rancher :-).



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9 02 2010

I like those themes for spirit week. My last son is soon to graduate and I haven’t taught for several years, so i don’t really have anyone to pass the ideas on to. What fun times though!

9 02 2010

LOL – this sounds so fun – the boys look great, congrats to Nolan for first prize! Love your chef’s hat.

20 02 2010

Talk about originality! No such thing in our Dark Ages past.

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