Creating Design Opportunities

1 02 2010

“Creating Design Opportunities,”  ah yes, that would be the code phrase for messing up or not planning far enough ahead to know what a decision will mean in the long run.

My Tisket a Tasket blocks from Bunny Hill Designs are now set in a quilt top.  I had no idea what fabric I would use to put it all together since I was just using up fabric I had for the blocks.  I took the blocks to the quilt store and this fabric was what looked best.

When I purchased the fabric, I had no intention of adding the 1/4″ green frame around each block.  Once I laid the blocks out with the sashing they just sort of blended together.  I had purchased the green to use as binding and decided a narrow border would nicely set everything off.  (I still think it does.)  So I used Ricky Tims’ method to apply it.  This means after the first seem all the others are a 1/4″ from the original seem rather than from the raw edge to keep those strips accurate.  This made putting the center of the quilt more complicated/tedious.  It also means the sashing is where any imperfections show up.  So far it is just a little more trouble.  Now comes the part where I didn’t plan ahead.  I put the narrow red borders on and was ready to add the final border.  Oops, those 1/4″ frames had extended the quilt just  enough that the width of the fabric was not quite long enough to make the side borders.  I could have pieced the sides, but I didn’t want a seam in such a small quilt.  I thought about extending the sashing into the borders, but decided that would require a great deal of precise measuring and I was feeling too lazy.  Corner stones wouldn’t work.  I finally decided on the design you see above.  I ripped the narrow border off the top and bottom and added the last  side borders.  This gave me just enough length to make it.  Then I added the longer top and bottom  inside borders and pieced in the shorter pieces on the outside border to give the cross over effect.  I’m pleased with the outcome, but if I had figured out what the changes would mean at the outset, I could have made plans and decisions then.




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1 02 2010

It looks lovely!

I’m an expert at “creating design opportunities”


1 02 2010

You go Sonya!!! It looks terrific! – Ricky Tims

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