Beware Baker at Work

23 01 2010

Jesse bought this book for my birthday last year.  Sadly my birthday is less than a month away again, and I just tried out the first recipe in the book.  It is super easy,  just dump all the ingredients in a large container and stir (no kneading).  Let it rise for a couple hours, then put it in the refrigerator and use it any time in the next two weeks.  I mixed up the batch last week-end, but we ended up in the hotel before I had a chance to bake.

Yesterday I decided it was time to make a loaf.  I cut off about a one pound wad and shaped it into a loaf.  Let it rest for about 40 minutes.  Preheated the oven with a baking stone in it to 450 degrees, slid the loaf onto the stone, and poured 1 cup of water into the broiler pan.  Then it was just a matter of waiting about 30 minutes for that wonderful loaf.  This is how the finished loaf looked —

Yep, it looked great, smelled great and the boys compared it to Panera bread  when we ate it.  There was just one hitch. 

I turned on the light in the oven to watch the bread bake and about two minutes after inserting the bread dough and water I was surprised to hear a very small pop.  The baking stone which we received as a wedding present over 22 years ago split into 4 pieces.  I figured I might as well finish baking the loaf, but this is how the stone looked.

I have enough dough in the refrigerator for 3 more similar loaves, but now I’m not only looking for a pizza peel, but  also a new baking stone.



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23 01 2010

It looks delicious – but oh that’s too bad about your stone!!! I’ve never seen one break like that.

24 01 2010
Pat in Texas

Sonya, your bread looks beautiful and I bet it tastes great too! As for your baking stone, I found out that if I soaked mine in water after using it that it cracked the next time I used it. So I just “rinse” and use the nylon scraper. I wonder if the pan of water under your bread reacted the same way?

27 01 2010

Sonya, I just caught up on your blogs and, as usual, am amazed at what you accomplish. Your house is beautiful and your Bunny Hill blocks are darling. Wool would be my choice too because it adds warmth and texture to the snowmen. And where did you get the energy to bake bread? Tell Nolan his film was fun to watch.

7 01 2012

LOL – the exact same thing happened to my baking stone a couple months ago. In fact, at first I thought you might have lifted that photo from my blog. I was baking the same loaf from the same recipe book on the same stone. My stone was from my first wedding 18 years ago. There’s nothing like home-baked bread, so …onward!

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