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22 01 2010

We have taken on a major project at our house, and the main level is finally getting livable again.

 These pictures were taken on October 18 of our living room.  Sometime  shortly thereafter, Guy and I started scrapping the acoustic/popcorn texture off the ceiling.  Not just in this room, but also in the dining room, family room and a hallway.

By the 23rd of November the ceiling in the living room and dining room looked like this.  The drywall contractor said it was the best removal job he had ever seen (perhaps I have an alternate career — NOT)

We still had the family room ceiling to go at this point, but this was the last of the vaulted ceilings.  We had originally planned to texture the ceiling ourselves, but after spending hours on the ladders scrapping the texture off we decided to hire someone to put the new up.

Thanksgiving week-end saw us ripping the formally white (now closer to gray) carpet out of the main level of the house.  After ripping out the carpet, tack strips and what seemed like thousands of staples, Guy and Jesse are putting screws into any squeaky sub-floor.

We had planned to texture the ceiling and paint before we put in the new hardwood, but it wasn’t meant to be.  My parents came out the week of Christmas and my dad with Guy’s help layed an oak floor.  (My dad was a hardwood flooring contractor prior to retirement.)  This saved a huge amount of money on this project.  My parents got here on the evening of December 21 and dad put a few rows of flooring in that night.  This is the shot just moments before they started.

Nolan made a time-lapse video of the floor going into this portion of the house.  We put it in the living room, dining room, family room, hall and two closets.  Here is Nolan’s video.

The week after Christmas the drywall contractor came and did the ceiling in the living room and dining room.  He didn’t finish with the family room until Jan. 13.  I’m not sure you can see the huge difference between the original texture and the new in this picture.  We opted to go with knock down on the ceiling since that is what was on the walls and we weren’t changing that.

Once the texture was on the ceiling it was back onto the ladders to prime the ceiling then paint it and the walls.  At this point we had a hardwood company scheduled to finish the floors starting on the 18th and we were in an all out race to get all the painting done before that.  It is extremely difficult to paint after the sun has gone down even with extra lights.  It’s impossible to see if everything is covered.  Everybody helped out at some point although Guy and I did most of it.  I believe I went through 11 sample cans before settling on just two colors. The ceiling and most of the walls are a color called Cream in My Coffee and then there are some accent walls with the green shown in this picture.

I have plans to put built-ins on both sides of the fireplace and change the look of the fireplace, but that is a project for another day.

Monday at 8am we moved into a hotel for 3 days while the floors were finished.  Yesterday, after school we came home and finally moved furniture back into the house. (We had moved it from room to room, but when the drywall contractor came we just moved it into the garage for the duration.)  We have to wait 2 weeks before we can put throw rugs down.  This is how it looks today.  By this evening the smell is also getting tolerable.  (Last night we closed the bedroom doors and opened the windows to sleep even though it was cold enough to snow a little today.)

We still have to replace the baseboard, but that will come a little at a time.  Obviously, we also still need to re-hang curtains.  We are thrilled with the change.  Eventually we will take care of the ceilings, paint and recarpet upstairs.  We will also be replacing the tile in the kitchen, but I think we are going to take a bit of a rest first.



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23 01 2010

Oh my goodness what a HUGE amount of work – but look at how beautiful it looks!!!! The hardwood really warms up the space. What a wonderful job! Loved the video, it sure looks easy on time-lapse, doesn’t it? LOL!

23 01 2010

Love the new flooring and all the changes! You guys amaze me with all you get done…. Loved the video too!

19 02 2010

Love it! Beautiful!

19 02 2010

Enjoyed Nolan’s video too! Will have to show it to G.

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