17 01 2010

Give me a good book and I will read until I’m finished.  It doesn’t matter how late at night or early in the morning I must go to finish.  It appears that obsession is carrying over into appliqueing small blocks. 

I no sooner finished the A Tisket a Tasket BOM than I started thinking about Bunny Hill Designs 2010 BOM “Snowbound.”  I thought I might have enough of a certain fabric in my stash to make the backgrounds.  It turned out I didn’t.  But when I started digging through what I did have, I came up with four fabrics that will work together.

There wasn’t enough of any of them to do all 12 blocks, but they all had at least enough to do three blocks.  Three of those fabrics are backgrounds from another snowman quilt and the fourth is the background from my Critter Quilt.  Since I managed to pull backgrounds out of my stash I think I’ll try to do all the blocks out of materials I already own again.  I really need to reduce the amount of fabric on hand since the wire drawers don’t want to close anymore.

Backgrounds selected and it was on to block one which was posted on the 5th.

I did consider needle turning regular fabric for the snowman, but I decided to go with the wool felt for a couple of reasons.  First, I liked how the wool felt looked on the blocks from last year.  Second I’m too lazy to back all the white snowmen to avoid shadow through from the backgrounds.  I checked and even with the fairly light blue fabric there was still some shadowing.

Back to where I started — why would I say I’m obsessed?  I pulled the background fabrics last night and cut all of them for the whole year.  Then I started appliqueing the block.  The obsession part is I couldn’t put it down.  At about midnight it was finished.  It seems I will need to be more careful about what time I start both books and blocks.



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17 01 2010

I am SO GLAD I’m not the only one! I remember I was about nine when I first read Tolkien – I read The Hobbit and LOTR straight through. I didn’t sleep for 3 days! And it’s a habit that’s followed me into my adult life. I know better than to start a new book at dinner….
Love the snowman!

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