Just Say “No”

17 01 2010

I need to learn to just say “No!”  Repeat to self until a new pathway is formed in  brain — no, no, no . . .

Moments ago I finished quilting “Forest Hollow” from the Pine Needles pattern line.  I’ve mentioned before the people who bring these to me don’t stitch down the pieces.  I just dread doing them.  The 3-D butterflies on this one were dropping — well, like flies.  I would start to stitch the eyes on the owls and the piece would pop off.  So I’d glue it down and wait for it to dry to stitch it.  This quilt has been on the machine for about a month.  I really do think I’m going to say “no” to any more Pine Needles quilts. (No, no, no, no . . .)

Here is the finished product.


The background prints on this one were so busy, that I just followed the print for the quilting rather than trying to come up with some other designs.

Back to practicing — no, no, no . . .




2 responses

17 01 2010

That’s a beautiful quilt – but why wouldn’t they stitch them down?????? I’d be afraid they’d get lost!

18 01 2010
Gina Patterson

I agree with Allie. I have made 5 small McKenna Ryan quilts and would never send them out to be quilted. Even with very careful handling in my sewing room, the small pieces can get loose.

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