As Jesse would say “W00T!”

15 01 2010

I know how Jesse uses the term, but I double checked with him to be sure I was using it correctly.  Indeed, I was.  It is a gamer expression of joy and excitement.  It fits.  W00t, I finished block 12!

The candy canes could conceivably be called “broderie perse.”  Not familiar with the term?  It is a style of applique which uses printed elements to create a scene on background fabric.  It was very popular in Europe in the 17th century.  Traditionally, broderie purse is done with chintz.  So if you are a traditionalist, I probably didn’t qualify, but I’m claiming it anyway.  The candy canes were fussy cut from this print.

After fussy cutting and leaving a seam allowance I appliqued them using the needle turn method.  I was having a hard time seeing while I was stitching and just as I finished I realised I  was still wearing my old glasses.  I had them on while painting to avoid messing up the good pair.  The newer stronger prescription makes a big difference for stitching.

I’m happy to say every bit of fabric and all embellishments were already in my inventory.  No new purchases!  I won’t promise that I will set it with materials already on hand.  I tend to buy 1/4 yard cuts when I don’t have immediate plans for a fabric.  Since I like applique and that is usually sufficient, but not now for sashing and borders.




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17 01 2010

That is neat – I love the candy cane fabric!

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