Would this be an Incomplete?

7 01 2010

We have entered second semester at school and I just finished the “School Days”  block which is number 9 in the 2009 Bunny Hill BOM.  The new BOM at her site was released this week (yes I will participate — it is snowmen!  The snowman on block one was the reason I got sucked into the 2009 quilt).  So does that mean my grade for last year’s blocks is an Incomplete or perhaps I have a C since I am 75% of the way to finished?  I think I’ll take the incomplete, I’ve never had one of those.  (I did get a C once — in college Chemistry it didn’t make sense to me and I was lucky to slide through on multiple choice tests with that C.)

Anyway, after all that babbling here is the finished block.




One response

7 01 2010

I don’t want to know what grade I’d get, I still haven’t STARTED mine. And yes, I’m doing the new one!
I think it’s darling and you should get an A+!

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