Bernina V.6 Software — After Playing with It

29 12 2009

I finally took the time today to go look at the newest version of the Bernina software.  I’ve read on Bernina’s website the new and/or enhanced features, but I just wasn’t sure there was enough to justify the upgrade price.  It seems the fact that Coral Draw is included is one of the biggest new features being touted.  To me that isn’t a selling point.  I have other graphics programs that I’m already comfortable with and don’t really need another.  Another feature is the ability to finally be able to edit blocks in the Quilter portion of the software.  Again I have other programs that do this, so not a selling point. 

I must admit the only new features that tempted me at all were the were the spiral fill, the sculpted fancy fill, and the star stitch.  These are very cool features as are some of the improvements in lettering, unfortunately, they are not tempting enough to make me fork over $500.  In my opinion there were far better new features in V.5.  The multi-hooping feature and the Advanced applique being huge ones.  I had no problem upgrading to that version.   I’m not saying V.6 isn’t a good product.  If I were still teaching the software I would buy it.  But for now the software will stay on the store shelf.




One response

30 12 2009

Sonya, thanks for the review on the update. I had the same feelings earlier, but it is nice to have someone confirm it. LOL

Love your cupcake block also.

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