Warm Hands for Everyone

23 12 2009

It is Wednesday night — two days before Christmas.  Really only 24 hours for us since we always do our thing on Christmas Eve.  I did all the baking I intend to do a little while ago.  I waited as long as possible, because the sooner it is made, the sooner I will eat it.  I should be wrapping presents (I haven’t wrapped even one), instead I’m at the sewing machine.  No, it isn’t a last minute gift, it is just a pillow I feel like finishing.  This pillow is one you might have seen bits of while I was making videos of hand embroidery stitches.  I have had the pattern (Wish Upon a Star by Fiber Mosaics) for years.  At one point I intended to digitize the embroidery and stitch it out on my machine.  But, I’m into  handwork at the moment so I used it to demonstrate various stitches.  There is cording around the outside edge of the pillow.  I had the fabric, but not the cord.  So I looked around my basement for something that would work and spotted cotton clothes line  which I have for another project.  It worked great, and I didn’t have to get in the car to go buy something else.

Here’s the finished pillow.

Yes, I see the wrapped presents in the background.  I took the picture the next morning when there was better light and back dated my post.




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