The Bad Penny Returns

14 12 2009

Our quilt from last year’s Hoffman challenge returned and Lisa had it hanging at her house when we met for our quilt group.  Quite frankly, I hadn’t missed the thing.  Lisa, Bobbie, Ann and I decided to make a quilt for the group category.  The project turned into the quilt from hell!  We persevered and finished, but not without thinking up some really nasty names for it.   I think we could write a book on what not to do.  Anyway, I didn’t see it once it was completely finished and it hasn’t appeared here before.  Here is probably the one and only quilt I will ever bother to work on  for a Hoffman challenge.

So the lemonade from the lemons — 1) The four of us are still good friends, 2) The quilt did travel (maybe that was a good thing) and 3) We learned what we didn’t want to do.

Oh, and Lisa, no I don’t want to display it at my house.  Thanks anyway.

Edited to Add:  Since I’ve mentioned Renae’s Rays a couple times this month, I thought I’d note this quilt was drafted with it also.



One response

14 12 2009
Kathy E.

BEAUTIFUL quilt, Sonya! But I totally understand about the “been there, done that, don’t need to do it again” feeling.


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