10 12 2009
They did it!  We did it!  The school Christmas play was tonight and the students did an amazing job.  They knew their lines.  They transitioned and changed sets smoothly.  There were 17 students, many with multiple parts.  They always exceed anything they’ve done in rehearsal when we get to the actual play.  Thanks to Carol and Sam for the pictures.  I didn’t have a chance to take any since I was the prompter and had to follow along closely. 

Here are a few pictures to document the event.  

Three Missionaries


Young Scrooge and his sister Fan


Scrooge & Marley


 The bed was made from a broken table top, bolted to scooters.  PVC pipe poles and the curtain was fabric I had on hand.  It was attached to string with shower curtain rings and safety pins.  Carol, Sam and Chad built the bed and I added the textiles.  

Get up on the wrong side of the bed, Scrooge?


Christmas Past and Scrooge during rehearsal


Fezziwig’s Warehouse

Belle's House

I’m not sure why I made Fred a vest since he covered it up the whole play with that jacket.  He didn’t have the jacket in any rehearsals.  

Fred’s House
Cratchit House — Tiny Tim is doing a good job of hiding behind Bob

You can tell by the look on Jesse’s face he hated this line.  He is talking about the Christmas pudding and says to his wife “Like it! Why my dear, next to our children it is the best thing you’ve ever produced!”  

Ah, There’s Tiny Tim

Christmas Present, Ignorance and Want


Scrooge and Christmas Yet to Come


A Portion of the Cast


Carol, Sam and Chad put together the backdrops.  I worked on costumes.  If I’m counting correctly I made 10 vests two of which were reversible, 12 skirts (I went simple with these one seam, a hem, a casing with ribbon pulled through for an adjustable waist), 2 capes, 2 mob caps, 1 night cap, 1 clock, 1 apron and I started a bonnet that just didn’t get finished.   All the fabric except the gray for the capes and the off-white for the mob caps and apron (that fabric came from Walmart for $1.50/yd) was upholstery fabric remnants that was donated to the school years ago.  It doesn’t sound like so much here, but when I was working on my ceiling at the same time and cooked dinner for the play it seemed a little overwhelming.   

It is finished, so now I can move on to a few decorations and a little Christmas preparation in my own house.



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