More Uses for Renae’s Rays

2 12 2009

The little whole cloth quilt I posted a couple of days ago was marked with Renae’s Rays and one stencil.  Renae’s Rays isn’t just for quilts.  I’ve been using it for slightly different projects as I work on items for the school play.

First a 6 foot clock for the back drop.  It is felt and I just marked it with Sharpies. 

Then how about mob caps for some of the girls to wear?  I looked at the width of the fabric and then chose a circle size that would allow two caps per width.  I used the rolled hem foot on my sewing machine to finish the edge.  My initial plan was to sew elastic two inches from the edge.  I did it on one cap using a zig zag and stretching the elastic as I went.  It didn’t work quite the way I wanted.  It was a little too big, but we still used it. We are on too short a deadline for me to worry about ripping things out.  (This picture is Mrs. Cratchit — for her costume I made the cap, skirt and apron.)

Since the elastic wasn’t ideal, on the next cap I used a wide zig zag over 1/8″ ribbon.  This meant I could pull the ribbon up to tighten.  That worked much better and it would be possible to adjust for different sized heads.  This picture is Mrs. Fezziwig. 

I’ll be doing one more post with more of the students and costumes.




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