Crown Me Queen of Procrastinators

1 12 2009

I’ve known for a whole year the name of the person to whom I would be giving a gift this year.  I’ve known since I drew the name exactly what I would make.  With all that time I should be sitting pretty, gift ready and waiting for D-day.  Not even close!  Four days ago I marked the quilt top.  Three days ago I quilted until midnight and finished it the next morning.  Then I blocked the quilt and bound it.  A few minutes ago I put the last stitch in the hanging sleeve.

Close Up

Full Quilt

Whew!  Finished with slightly over 24 hours to spare.  Uh Oh, maybe I only qualify for Princess Procrastinator.




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11 12 2009
Gina Patterson

No one would know it’s last minute. It looks like you worked on it forever. It’s beautiful!

11 12 2009
Shelley Rodgers

Just gorgeous. 🙂

What do you use to mark the quilt? For myself, I always wash a quilt before giving it away, so I know all markings will wash out … but if I ever do a quilt for a client that needs marking, I’d hesitate because not everyone washes their quilts *right away*.

What favorite marking tools do you use? (always looking to learn something new from those who are more experienced!)

11 12 2009
Vicki W

You are done with time to spare and it’s beautiful!

12 12 2009

Well Princess, that is one stunning quilt!!!! You only get to be Queen if you’re still sewing the binding on the way to giving the gift, though. Whoever gets it is going to be THRILLED!

21 12 2009

Hi Sonya, Been thinking about you……….and thought I’d check your blog to see if you were out from under all your projects!! And here is my awesome quilt made by YOU! It is so beautiful and, hearing your story of procrastination makes it even more special. I know your “procrastination” means you have many things going and you don’t sleep. lol I absolutely LOVE my quilt and am taking it to my daughter’s house for Christmas so I can show it to all my family.
Am wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. I am one lucky gal to have a friend like you.

24 12 2009
deb levy

It’s beautiful Sonya! And with time to spare…

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