He May be Right, I May be Crazy

23 11 2009

I keep bouncing from project to project, but the biggie at the moment is this —

Yep, that would be a popcorn texture ceiling.  To put it mildly, I don’t care for it.  It reminds me of cottage cheese and I just don’t want food on the ceiling.  It also remind me of the 60s and 70s.  I know a lot of people are into retro, but I already lived through that era once and don’t plan to go back.

We are taking the carpet out very soon and I figured if I was ever going to remove that texture now was the time.  Poor Guy thinks I’m nuts.  He says it is like being in the Army and being told to dig a hole and then fill it in again.  Obviously the popcorn texture is not a big deal to him.

These are my tools along with ladders — A garden sprayer and taping or putty knife.  A dust mask would be a good idea, but I have been known to pass out while wearing a mask and that doesn’t seem like the thing to do on a ladder.  The dust is limited if everything is very damp.

I soak the texture well (however, I don’t want it so wet it ruins the sheet rock below).  After allowing the section of ceiling to soak I use the knife.   The texture will come off in sheets.   When I was finished the ceiling looked like this.

There is still quite a bit of residue.  So I’m in the process of going over the ceiling again and after the second time over it looks like this.

Much cleaner, but I will still need to go over it with a damp sponge to remove the last of the dust.  The whole house has this texture and I plan to take it all down.  However, Guy asked me to start and finish one area before I move on to another.  Does he know me or what?  This is the living and dining room and has a vaulted ceiling that goes to about 18 feet.  Guy helped me with the highest 3 or 4 feet.  Poor man gets sucked into my projects.

Just a warning here — if your house is old enough to have asbestos in the ceiling, you won’t want to do this yourself.  Our house isn’t that old.  So now you see what I will be doing over Thanksgiving vacation.




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23 11 2009
Kathy E.

I LOVE the title for this post… sucked me in right away. I admire your spunk!! Wishing you smooth sailing on the rest of your project and you really will be THANKFUL when it is done. Thanks for posting… I’ve been wonderin what you were up to. Kat

23 11 2009

Would you like to come and help me put up the wall paper I bought 6 years ago for the dining room? I should check to see if I still like it! Fortunately I don’t have popcorn (or cottage cheese) on my ceilings, but they do need a coat of paint. Sarah

23 11 2009

I have a friend that removed hers – WHAT A JOB. I give you so much credit for doing this!!!! I hate the popcorn too.

18 12 2009
Karmen Sunshine

Good job! Smooth ceilings are the best. Terrific (and overlooked) way to update. Congratulations. Karmen

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