Farewell Summer

17 09 2009

It doesn’t feel like Summer ever fully made its appearance this year, but according to the calendar Fall begins next Tuesday.  Contrary to the calendar Fall has been creeping in for the last few weeks.  There is a definite chill in the air on my morning bike rides and geese have been flying over in formation for two or three weeks.  Even with those early signs yesterday I noticed things that really said, “Fall is HERE!.” 

Picture taken with Nolan's Nintendo DSI

Picture taken with Nolan's Nintendo DSi

Looking out the classroom window I noticed the leaves were starting to change on this tree.  This tree is always gorgeous when the leaves turn.   So many colors in one place.

It was rainy and overcast yesterday, but for a few minutes on the way home from school the clouds broke and there it was — SNOW on the Peak.  By the time I got to the camera the clouds had closed in again.  This morning I took the camera on my early morning bike ride and snapped a few pictures.  The Peak always looks better with snow.  It still needs more to look really good.



I thank God every morning on my bike ride that I get to live in such a beautiful place.  The mountains were the things I really missed the 9 years we lived on the East Coast.  For me, it isn’t a mountain if trees can survive all the way to the top.

Finally I couldn’t resist taking this picture.  The rain from yesterday was hanging from the tips of the pine needles.


I think it must be almost time to get out those sweaters.





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18 09 2009

Those pictures made up for the last few days, thank you so much. We miss your posts during the school year but having taught “school comes first” before our hobbies. We have sunshine for a change here in the Ozarks.

18 09 2009

Beautiful pictures!!! Yes, fall is definitely in the air – it was 39 the other morning. We’re pulling out the cool weather clothes this weekend. I’m loving it!

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