It’s the Simple Things

4 09 2009

I’ve been snatching a couple minutes here and a couple minutes there to try to better organize various parts of my house.  The kitchen pantry has been a gradual project.  The shelves are now labelled so there is a specific place for each item.  However,  I was trying to figure out what to do with some canned goods.  I buy some meat alternatives by the case for a couple of reasons.  They are less expensive that way and also because they are not readily available at any local stores.  I’ve had boxes stacked in the bottom of the pantry and I thought there must be a better storage method.

  I went on line and started looking for can racks.  I found some so then I checked local stores, but no one had them.  Shipping was around $15 and for the ones I saw on Amazon and I just wasn’t willing to pay that.  I finally checked Walmart’s web site and there they were.  I checked for availability in local stores. There weren’t any within the hundred mile radius it checked.  So I tried out the Site to Store option.  They will ship free to your local Walmart.  I was able to pick up my rack today and both of the employees that saw it thought it was really cool and were going to check into one themselves.

I brought it home and loaded it up and I’m very pleased.  I can see what I have,  and the cans are on a slant so when the front one is removed the next one rolls forward.  Apparently, I’m easily pleased.


Like the idea?  Here is the link to the rack on the  Walmart website.  I have a little more work to do on the pantry, depending on how it goes I might just want one more.




One response

4 09 2009

I LOVE this idea! If I had a bigger pantry I’d get some. My pantry is very shallow, and it takes up the whole wall – it’s only 6 inches deep. Works for most things. I have a very small kitchen, and it’s on the back wall by the table. No dining room, so I wanted to maximize the storage without sacrificing eating space.

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