Over the Moon Delivered

30 07 2009

I delivered another “Over the Moon” quilt to Cindy.  She is the designer of this pattern and I’ve quilted several for her including some of the ones on the cover of her pattern.  This one is wool and the colors are just beautiful!  I’m not sure the picture does them justice.  Because this is a wool quilt we agreed to the quilting light.  There are some cabins, trees, aspen leaves, and bear tracks along with swirls and landscape meandering in the lower portion.


I know she is teaching a class on this quilt and it is possible they are putting together kits at Ruth’s Stitchery. (I will not start making wool quilts, I will not start making wool quilts, I will not start making wool quilts.  You think I’ll stick to that?  I really don’t need to collect more fabric!)




One response

4 08 2009

Oh my goodness is that beautiful. STUNNING job on the quilting! I will not collect wool either…..but it’s easy for me….had a go-round with some moths a few years back…

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