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28 07 2009

Ruth’s Stitchery is having their big 25th anniversary sale starting on Thursday.  There are two sales a year and I buy all my backings at those times, plus  whatever else I know I will need for upcoming projects.  I try to keep impulse spending to a minimum.  However, when it is 50% off to finish sale bolts I occasionally succumb.

I’m trying to plan my purchases now.  I know I need some binding fabric, and a few backings.  I’ve also been playing in Electric Quilt with layouts for the Christmas Wishes embroidered blocks.  I’m not sure I’ve found THE one, yet.

I started out fairly simple.

Christmas Wishes layout3

Moved on to a  little more complex.

Christmas Wishes Layout2

Then I went off to Benartex’s website and downloaded swatches and came up with the most complicated so far.

Christmas Wishes Layout1

At this point I’m leaning somewhat toward the last layout, but I’m still undecided.  Oh well, I have another day to come up with ideas.




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28 07 2009

I like the colors in the last one – they go better with the stitcheries, don’t overpower them. I think they layout is nicest too. What fun!

29 07 2009

My first instinct is that I like the 3rd one best, too, but I was wondering if that’s partially because it has the Benartex swatches instead of just the EQ fabric??

I do like the direction you are taking these, a little more interesting than just setting them together with sashing…

29 07 2009

I, too lean toward the last, but I think it’s because of the pretty swatches. I think the second would also be lovely with the Benartex. The first is, I think, a little too simple. It’s really going to be a lovely quilt.

29 07 2009
Vicki W

Oh yes, love the last one!

29 07 2009
Vicki W

For sure, the last one!

29 07 2009
Gina E

I like the last one also. I would try it with the corner triangle blocks all the light cream so you can have a little quilting space that looks solid. Good plan going…. can’t wait to see it.

3 08 2009

I can’t resist an opportunity to leave my opinion. I like the last design better, but unlike all others who replied, I’m not fond of the Benartex fabrics. In MHO they’re too dark for the feature blocks. My suggestion would be lighter fabric so that the blocks blend as opposed to being framed.

5 08 2009

thats cool, i did not know you could download swatches for EQ6, i’ll have to check it out.

meanwhile i like #2 the best. but i say go with whatever pleases you the most!

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