Thunder & Lightening They’re Not So Frightening

24 07 2009

While they may not be frightening when I’m in the house, they can sure put a crimp in activities using power.  It seems we have been averaging two thunderstorms a day this summer.  While that is good for the greenery (although since we aren’t watering lawns, the rates for water are going to increase), it isn’t good for activities that require my electric sewing machines.  I unplug them all at the first sound of thunder.  Last night we lost power for an hour and a half.  That is a first this summer.  I still managed to make dinner.  I just overrode the electronic starter on the gas stove top.

Not to worry I can always work on cleaning and organizing.  NOT.  I have been working away on hand stitchery and this is what I’ve accomplished in that arena over the last two weeks.

The kangaroos from Lynette Anderson’s Noah BOM — on my screen that is just about actual size.


I caught up with all the blocks released in Gail Pan Designs Christmas Wish BOM.  Now I can patiently wait for the release of the last two blocks.   I also want to work up a different setting, I’m thinking of using them for the centers in star blocks.





Finally I started the Verandah Views BOM by Willowberry Designs.  I believe 7 blocks have been released and I’ve completed three.




So I guess bring on the thunderstorms.  It gives me excuse to work on something other than customer quilts.




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24 07 2009

We’ve had a lot of rain but not many thunderstorms. Yes, everything gets unplugged – not taking ANY chances, lol! Your blocks are wonderful. I’ve been trying to resist Gail Pan’s blocks but I just can’t. After seeing yours, I’ve got to get started on them. Both of my machines need service and I can’t do anything else!

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