17 07 2009

It was a toss up whether I called this post “Spoiled” or “Caved.”  I already talked about taking a bike ride with Guy on July 5.  What I didn’t mention is that he did a good deal of complaining about my bike.  It hasn’t been the same since I crashed it last summer.  Guy’s complaint was you can hear me coming and going.  We had spent a little money getting it tuned up before I crashed it, but didn’t take it back in after the crash.  It just wasn’t worth spending more money on it — it is older than both boys.   Even before the crash Guy was trying to talk me into a new bike.  So after listening to Guy and the bike, plus not being able to shift into the lowest gears I agreed to look at bikes that afternoon.

I really liked this one.

Green Bike

However, it is a 2009 model and the factory was out of them and is moving on to the 2010 models.  The bike shop that was checking for us went ahead and ordered one in a different color combination.  So this afternoon I went  to test it out.  What a difference!  I still wasn’t keen on spending the money, but Guy persisted.  I caved and thus I am spoiled.  Here is my new ride.  I took it out as soon as we got home for a quick three miles and now the only sound is the tires whirring over the trail.


I’m “old” and I wanted a kick stand.  They were going to add one, but came back and told me they don’t recommend it with the light weight frame.  So another bike that needs to be propped in the garage.



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24 07 2009

That’s pretty! I can’t ride a regular bike anymore, I fall off.

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