Don’t Tell Jesse

15 07 2009

The heat broke today and we are having a very pleasant day.  Which means even though the boys are being typical teens (is there such a thing) and sleeping in we still managed to go on a bike ride.  (OK, I admit it, I’ve been staying up too late and managed to sleep in until after 8 this morning.) 

Jesse was lobbying for a 3-6 mile ride, but Nolan had a book come in at the library and wanted to ride there.  Jesse does not have good memories of a similar ride last summer.  I told them we would ride that direction and see how it went.  We made it all the way to the library and Nolan picked up the second James Bond book. 

A new little shop opened in the library shopping center called Squeak.  We had spotted it the last time we were at the library, but didn’t know if it was open.  It is a soda shop.  I have to assume it is along the same lines as a drug store soda shop in the 50s — I’m not old enough to know for sure.  We went in to check it out.  I believe they said there were 57 flavors of soda, there were little vials to smell before you buy.  The also offered candy by the pound, ice cream, shakes, malts, floats, grilled cheese and coffee.  I’m sure there was more.  It appears to be an independent store and I hope they do well.  The next time I go to the library, I’ll try to get a picture to add to this post.  For those of you that are local and are reading this — they are in the shopping center at the corner of Rockrimmon and Vindicator.

(edited to add picture)(another edit — I found this video that shows the inside of the shop)


We took an alternate route home.  Good thing because the last mile getting to the library is a fairly steep downgrade and I don’t want to go back up it or hear Jesse whine.  We figured out where the bike path connects to the road and came home that way.  Let’s not tell Jesse, but the trip was about 12-1/2 miles.  That is the longest ride he has done this summer and he did pretty well!  Way better than he was doing last summer.

Our afternoon storm clouds are rolling in so we made it just in time.  I’m off to see how much quilting I can get in before I shut down as a precaution against lightening strikes.




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15 07 2009

That’s a long bike ride!!!! Wow, I’m impressed. That store sounds awesome!

19 07 2009

Right proud of you all!

23 07 2009

Hi Sonya,

My name’s Joey. I’m the owner of Squeak — the soda shop. Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by the shop the other day and hope you had a great experience. We’ve been open 2 weeks now and are starting to get the hang of things now. Sales are going very well — better than expected even. Please do say “hello” next time you’re in.

PS. By the way, we are now also selling really yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and pretzels. The sandwiches are made with Great Harvest breads, come with a snitch of popcorn, and go great with a Squeak soda. Now folks can pick up a light meal & soda for around $6 or $7. Currently, we have 3 sandwich options, but will be adding more and are open to suggestions.

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