Morning Ride

5 07 2009

Guy was willing to ride with me today so we went sans boys before the temperatures got too hot.  We have a great bike  trail system here in town and can get on just outside our neighborhood. 

 I’ve been seeing a lot of wildlife on my rides and took the camera along this morning.  We didn’t see much more than squirrels, rabbits and ducks today, but lots of flowers.  It’s amazing they look as good as they did!  We were hammered with a couple of thunderstorms yesterday afternoon.  It sounded like someone had turned on a fire hydrant.  There were several wash outs with silt covering parts of the trail.  We rode around in some new construction and I rode through a wash out.  I started to think I was in quick sand!  The rims of my bike were covered and I finally had to get off and lift it out of the muck.  Needless to say, my shoes were also filled.  Fortunately they could just be hosed off when I got home. 

Here are a few of the pictures I took along the way.

The flowers are lasting later into the summer than usual. In fact it is shockingly green for this time of year.  We’ve been getting thunderstorms most afternoons.  Yet, according to the meteorologists we are still a few inches behind normal.  When does normal change?  For the almost 10 years we have lived here, the area has been considered to be in drought conditions.

We rode about 15 miles and explored some parts of the trail we hadn’t seen before.  The worst part is always coming home.  The last mile and a half is all up hill.  I’ve been hosed off and can now move on to quilting for the day.




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5 07 2009

How lovely!!! I fall off regular bikes, so I ride my recumbent in my sewing room, lol. Once a week, without fail, hubby will come in and ask me where I think I’m going.

7 07 2009

If you were reading what I wrote last year you know I fall off my bike, too. In fact I’m thinking about a new bike. I can still ride my old one after last years crash, but it has several issues.

If I could only get my boys to willingly get up earlier in the morning to ride we’d do it more often. When we are out there at noon it is too hot and later in the day thunderstorms roll in.

You need to come up with a good line for the next time your husband asks where you are headed… hmmm.

19 07 2009

Love those flowers! If anything was “normal”, the media would be silenced.

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