Happy 4th

4 07 2009

There is only one place in the whole county this year having a public fireworks display due to budget cuts.  Guy is there helping to provide security.  However, there are several private communities still having their own fireworks display.  I do not live in one of them, but just up the hill is a community that has fireworks every year.  For the last 9 Independence Days we have been able to step out on our front porch and enjoy the show.  Here are some pictures from tonight.

I hope everyone reading had a great 4th and that those in the U.S. gave thanks for the freedom we enjoy!




One response

5 07 2009

No kidding – budget cuts? You’d think as fast as they’re laying off troopers around here, they’d skip on the fireworks too, but no. We didn’t get to see any this year, but we sure hears them – all of our neighbors had them!

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