Heart of Colorado Shop Hop

28 06 2009

The most impressive shop hop I’ve ever participated in was the Western Washington Shop Hop.  My sister and Londa were doing that one again, but since I didn’t head for the west coast I did the Heart of Colorado Shop Hop this week-end during the same time frame.  It was much quicker and there was way less damage to my finances.

I started in Colorado Springs and my first stop on Friday was Ladybug Hill Quilts.  They moved to their current location in 2007.  This was the first time I made it into the “new” store.  It is a cute shop, but typically is more expensive than where I usually shop.


Next stop Ruth’s Stitchery.  If you have been reading my blog long, you probably have a fair idea this is my all time favorite shop.  It is a very large store, the prices are reasonable, and I know most of the staff (also several quilts I’ve quilted are on display there.)  This store was featured in the top ten quilt shop magazine a couple years ago.  Since summer vacation arrived I’ve  been in here at least twice each week, so didn’t need to spend a lot of time browsing.  Ruth’s has a large hand stitchery section, sewing machines, machine embroidery supplies plus loads of quilt fabric.


The last stop in Colorado Springs was High Country Quilts.  They are now the local Bernina dealer and this is where I taught for about a year after the dealership was sold to them.  They have expanded since I quit working there and the shop is really adorable!


I took a break after those three and came back home to work on more cleaning.  I’ve been on a cleaning binge since school got out.  Things just got minimal attention during the school year. 

Guy took off work a little early and the whole family went to the next shop.  Admittedly, the men waited in the car.  Stitcher’s Garden  is in Pueblo, and they get points for the neatest building.  They are in the historic section of down town.  It is a nice shop on the inside as well.  The men came along because we wanted to try a Mexican restraunt in Pueblo.


There was only one more shop to do and it was in the opposite direction.  I didn’t go on Saturday, because that was Sabbath.  This morning I took  Nolan and Jesse with me (Guy was out on patrol).  Since we were headed that far north we went on to the Lone Tree (just south of Denver) and went to Sweet Tomatoes, which is the boys’ favorite restaurant.  I was going to go to Great American Quilt Factory while I was in the Denver area, but I tried coming up with my own directions.  Jesse just wanted to go home (he is my home body) so after “touring” a little of the area south of Denver we headed for Castle Rock and the final quilt shop in the hop.  I had never been to Sew-Ciety and it was a nice little shop — a little cramped with hoppers there.  For the size of shop they have a fair amount of machine embroidery supplies.  Here I got to turn in  my completed passport ( now I can cross my fingers and wait for the prize drawing  — actually I’m not holding my breath).


After all that driving around this is all I ended up buying.


The yellow batik is for flowers on the border of my Prairie Flowers quilt.  I’d run out of what I had.   The blue and white fabric will be the backing on a project I recently came up with.  The rest was impulse buying.

So Sheila and Londa, how did you do?  I think they only ended up visiting 17 shops this year in 2-1/2 days.  I know they spent more money than I did.




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30 06 2009
Sheila Kellogg

Yes, we only went to 17 shops this year vs. 40 last year, however, we spent more time in the ones we liked the best. Last year we took a thumbs up or thumbs down picture in front of all the shops we visited so we knew there were some we didn’t care if we went back to. Out of the 17 shops, I bought from about half of them and yes, I’m sure my purse is now lighter than yours 😉

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